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How to Rewire an Outlet

Posted - 08/18/2011

If you have an electrical outlet that is outdated, worn or damaged, it may need to be replaced. Locate your home’s electrical circuit panel and shut off the power to the room in which you are working. Determine whether or not your outlet is grounded. Most older model two-pronged outlets are not grounded. Use a screwdriver to remove the faceplate covering the electrical outlet. Find and remove the two outlet unit screws. Slowly lift the old plug from the outlet box. You will see several wires attached to the receptacle. Label the wires to their appropriate location in the outlet. Unscrew the wires and discard the plug. Install your updated outlet by reversing the steps you followed to remove it. Connect the wires. The silver screw is for the white wire and the gold screw is for the black one. The green screw is for the green grounding wire. Attach the outlet plug by inserting it inside the outlet box and replacing the two outlet unit screws. Reattach the faceplate cover with the center screw. If you are unfamiliar with your home’s electrical system or feel uncomfortable working with electricity, a professional electrician can rewire an outlet quickly and easily.
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